A little worry but should i be Milas mommy 1 child; Houston, Texas 4 posts
28th Dec '12

I just turned 33 weeks yesterday and i had my doc app yesterday as well. The reason i'm worry is that last night i kept waking up with bad cramps in lower abdomen and lower back. I haven't told anyone because i tend to over react to pain its just the pain feels like its getting worst.

Bad Things 1 child; Blacksburg, SC, United States 21002 posts
status 28th Dec '12

You need to call your OB or go into the ER.

diiamondchula 18 kids; Toms River, New Jersey 754 posts
28th Dec '12

call your ob or your l&d either one will put you on a machine to see if your contracting

Summerfrost 51 kids; Massachusetts 6871 posts
28th Dec '12

You shouldn't be getting more than 4 to 6 cramps/contractions per hour. If you're getting more than that, you need to be seen and/or call your ob. In the meantime, I'd drink a bunch of water and rest.