28 weeks and 2 days Laura Liz 2 kids; Olney, Illinois 82 posts
Dec 29th '12

On December 27th I went to the hospital after waking up feeling wet but after I went to the bathroom to check to see what was wrong I notice I was bleeding and it went though my underwear and thew my pants and they didn't seem to know what that was from but they did notice I was having contration and gave me a shot to stop them..Now today I'm been having alot of pelvic pains and contration..The baby is very active just need to know what I should do

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Kelly +2 ERF/EH! 18 kids; Valdosta, Georgia 18072 posts
Dec 29th '12

Novelidea 2 kids; Louisiana 1217 posts
Dec 29th '12

Call L&D, or just go in. Always better to be safe.

Monica♥YASDYARDFR Due February 27 (girl); TTC since Jan 2011; 1 child; 2 angel babies; Beverly Hills, California 57195 posts
Dec 29th '12

Hospital asap

*~AngelEyes~* 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Memphis, Tennessee 11212 posts
status Dec 29th '12

Hospital. Definitely.

doors33 1 child; Tonawanda, New York 478 posts
Dec 29th '12

definitely go in asap. Good luck! :(

IDID-VBAC 12/09 2 kids; Alaska 44107 posts
Dec 29th '12

Go to the hospital.

Sugarhiccup LLC ; 5 kids; Lahaina, Hawaii 2845 posts
Dec 29th '12

Go to the hospital!!! I hope all is well with you and your baby!