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29th Dec '12

So on Friday I was having contractions all day, ranging from 10-15mins apart. Then around 10pm they just stopped. I was disappointed coz I really thought that it was the beginning of something. Anyways SO got home from work around midnight, asked if I was still getting pains....I said, nope :(
Figured I may as well try and get some sleep in case something was to happen early hours of the morning. Around 2:30am my 2 1/2 yr old son came in and told me he had fallen out of bed. So I told him to jump in with us. Then as usual coz I was awake, I had to go pee.
I went to the toilet, and when I wiped I felt kinda....slimy. So I turned the light on and had a look at the paper, and notice a snot like substance with a very little tinge of light blood. I knew straight away it was my "bloody show" and instantly started to panic coz I didn't know what this meant....was I about to go into labour? Did I still have a few hours? Days or weeks? (I never lost my plug or had a show with my previous two). I decided that since I wasn't feeling any contractions, it probably was nothing, and went back to bed.
I got back into bed around 3am but couldn't go back to sleep. I had this feeling that something was going to happen. So as I was laying there awake, around 4:15am I felt this weird "pop" down below and knew it wasn't the baby just kicking so I thought I better go to the bathroom.
When I sat up on the side of the bed, I felt a little gush.....oh shit! I stood up slowly and......swoosh!!! I tried to hurry and get to the bathroom, but the faster I walked the faster it came out. There was so much of it.
Once again panic kicked in. I kept saying to myself, "I'm not ready to go through this again". Then I literally felt sick to my stomach when I remembered that after my water broke with my son, he was born half hour later. So I rang the hospital, explained to them what was going on. They told me to go have a shower and something to eat, then come in. I went and woke up SO, told him "it's time" then went to pack the last remaining things in my bag. SO woke up our son, and we were out the door.
We took our boy to SO parents place, dropped him off at 5:05am. I thought I better start timing my contractions, so go out the app on my phone. They were coming every 3 mins and lasting 50 to 70 secs.
We got to the hospital at 5:30am and I was in my room by 6. A nurse came in at 6:30 and checked to see how far I was. She measured me at a 5 but said she could stretch me to an 8. At 6:45 she came back in and offered me the gas....which I gladly took :)
I was standing up leaning over the bed, sucking hard with each contraction and having SO rubbing nice and hard on my back. This lasted until 8am, when I started to feel a lot more pressure. The nurse had me get up on the bed so she could check me again. I was at an 8, but baby had turned around so we were spine to spine. That was extremely painful as all the contractions had moved to my back.
I remember looking at the clock one last time at 8:28am and telling the nurse I need to push. The next couple of minutes was like an out of body experience. All I remember was squeezing SO hand and pushing. Then hearing the nurse and SO yelling at me to stop coz I was still an 8 and not ready. I was trying my hardest to fight the urge to push, but realised I had failed when I felt the "ring of fire" then this thing shoot out of me. I knew straight away that I had pushed the baby out, coz the amount of relief I felt was amazing.
She put the baby on my tummy while she gave him a quick check. I remember asking SO if that was the baby I pushed out lol.....I was so delusional from the gas. Then I asked him what it was (as we didn't know what we were having) and he said its a boy! I asked him when he was born, as it literally felt like I was pushing for hours, and he said 8:31am!! 3 hours of labour and 3 minutes of pushing. My quickest labour yet :)

Mason Robert Davies
Born 29-12-12 at 8:31am
Weighing 6lbs 11oz and 49cm long.

Think he was more excited about the gas then i was

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29th Dec '12

Congrats! That's wonderful!

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29th Dec '12

Congrats! Such a quick labor! cute name

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29th Dec '12

Aw congrats to you and your little family :D

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29th Dec '12


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30th Dec '12

Awh awesome congrats...thanks 4 sharing ur birth story...i'm still waiting 4 my baby 2 come don't know if my baby will come on the 2nd Jan or not. :-)

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30th Dec '12

Congrats! at least i was close on when he was coming! :)

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30th Dec '12

OMG congrats! Love all that hair! Please send me some of your labor dust, my body is not doing a thing!!

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30th Dec '12
Quoting Jan.2013Momma:" OMG congrats! Love all that hair! Please send me some of your labor dust, my body is not doing a thing!!"

Thank you :)
i honestly did alot of walking during the late stages of pregnancy, even the day before i gave birth. It was mainly because it was so close to xmas though and i had to get things organised....otherwise i probably would have just sat and taken it easy. So i def think the walking helped.
Hope you dont have to wait much longer.....sending lots of labour dust your way :)