Devil Duckie 3 kids; New York 48700 posts
30th Dec '12
Quoting Caimma:" That is crazy! $100 a day. You may as well check into a hotel. I dont think that is fair either. The ... [snip!] ... a risk sometimes. Its a lose lose situation wherever you go. It shouldnt cost you to have baby. They cost you enough already."

I agree, but considering my 2nd child would have cost me 1500.00 had my company not supplied a 3000.00 medical card per year, I feel fortunate.

Lines here aren't exactly fast, but if you need pins, you get pins. They don't cut corners. SO I guess I should be happy to pay a little than have crapy service when I need great care.

Caimma 1 child; New Zealand 1129 posts
30th Dec '12

Yeah. Oh medical stuff lol

Chels :3 Florida 2017 posts
31st Dec '12

The only state funding I don't feel guilty for. Pregnancy medicaid. I still get the best hospital in the area, everything is paid for aside from circumcision. (It's a girl anyway) and I don't pay a dime. If every criminal gets a lawyer than every person should have a doctor. Though my mom at 53 is still paying for my sister Mandie. Who's 38 now.