Humming and hawing, pediatrician? user banned
30th Dec '12

DS 3 yrs aspirated again the other day... I heard a couple sharp inhales earlier today and tonight, but I can't hear any wheezing in his back, he seems to be breathing okay-although if he does it again I'll pull out the nebulizer. And then tonight he aspirated and threw up the little food he had eaten. Oh and to mention everything came out, just as it had been sitting on your plate. Whole peas, whole blackberries- so he's not chewing his food and IMO could be a good indicator on why he eats so little food. We see his gastro in 11 days. So I will bring it up.

Anyway, should I take him to ped. First thing in the am or wait to see if he gets wheezy? He was on antibiotics for aspiration bronchitis (cause by dirty bath water) about 6 weeks ago. I'm usually good about this, but I'm wavering between go and wait a day or two to see for sure. Because sometimes he aspirated and nothing happens. I'm going to ask his GI if we should consider another swallow study. I think he might need to back on thickened liquids... And what is the solution for swallowing food whole? Not only is he choking on it, but I'm sure it's affecting his intake because that has got to hurt. He's been on pediasure for nearly all of his caloric intake for a year and a half now and still failure to thrive. :-( wishing his little body would heal.

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30th Dec '12

I would take him just to be sure... and as far as chewing make it a game. Chomp loud and show him how or pretend to be cookie monster. make it fun. My son would never chew his top ramen, and he would get sick every time or choke, thats how I got him to chew it. Good luck and hope he gets better soon.