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30th Dec '12

Just wondering how you all handle family members that are not supportive. By this I mean family members that constantly judge you by the way that you are taking care of your SN kids, when they have none of their own, so have no idea what they are talking about....

~mama~ 3 kids; Susanville, CA, United States 1367 posts
30th Dec '12

I handled them by cutting them out of my life. My husband did the same with his family now all he has left is one brother.

user banned 3 kids; Washington 15083 posts
30th Dec '12

I tolerate them. But they def. are not as involved as they once were. I also but a matter of fact letter on FB titled to all the adults in the family a month ago. Said person says, "But it's so hard to not talk about it in front of him, when he's just right there" and later, " you shouldn't put things on FB, just talk about it with them". So I said yes, I have done that. People are dense and don't listen to what I say.

Honestly, distancing myself was probably the best single thing I've done for myself and my family. I hate the condescending tones and people who feel like they are going to be his cure all. KWIM?