silly question... *~AngelEyes~* 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Memphis, Tennessee 10518 posts
status 30th Dec '12

I have a question... I know this is normally a sign of bladder infection but it doesn't feel like one... but I feel like I am not fully emptying my bladder. Is that normal around this time in pregnancy? (12w6d) I felt thos way closer to the end of my pregnancy with my son... but I was way further along. Anyone else feel like this? And btw, this isn't a constant thing just every other time I've gone today... just curious.

Katelyn TTC♥ TTC since Dec 2013; 1 child; Nauvoo, Alabama 751 posts
30th Dec '12

Its prob a bladder infection or kidney infection... You can get them easier when your pregnant.. Drink lots of water!

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30th Dec '12

Sounds like it could be a bladder infection or a UTI.