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30th Dec '12

I've done this before, and failed. But I am so determined now. I am going to lose weight! Im going to post in here basically for myself just so I can see the progress.
My goal is 150 (although my DH says thats too much for my height, Im 5'7, but whatever) but Im taking it a day at a time and anything is better then nothing!
I have started using MFP (again) to count my calories (add me here.) and I am walking a lot more and will be starting to use my elliptical again. I also have cut out EVERYTHING to drink except for water (havent had a soda since Thursday!)

Anyways here as some horrid pictures that I dont really want to share, but Im doing it for myself so that I can look back on. (dont mind the dirty mirror lol)

(These were taken 12/28/12)
From the front not sucking in
181310_10200123839476281_871071773_n.jpgFrom the side, not sucking in
(I look much better from the side lol)

(Taken 1/4/13)

Starting weight 12/29/12: 193 lbs
12/30/12: 189 lbs
1/4/13: 185.6 lbs

And thats it for now!

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30th Dec '12

I NEED to start too. Though it is easier when I am not home every day.
But my sister bought me an awesome healthy living cook book and I think once SO gets back to work I will get a gym membership.
I weigh 190 something (haven't weighed myself since before holidays). And I am 5'2. I want to get down at least 30 pounds, though if I get pregnant this cycle I will talk to a doctor first.

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30th Dec '12

You carry your weight well.

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30th Dec '12
Quoting forgive-n let*love:" You carry your weight well."

Ugh thanks. I dont feel like I do. I seriously have to try on like 15 things in the morning until finally Im like "f**k it" and just wear something. I am ALWAYS so uncomfortable with how I look and Im over it.

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4th Jan '13

Weighed myself this morning. Not as much as I was hoping, but I am also on my period so I have a lot of bloat and tmi but Im constipated this morning But anyways. I was 193 when I got weighed last Thursday and as of 15 mins ago, this is my scale:
A total of 7.4 lbs down from last Thursday.