Teething biscuit?? ♥MamaToS&O♥ 2 kids; ., IL, United States 12369 posts
Dec 30th '12

Okay so yesterday I was at the hospital for a kidney infection and I had DS with me. One of the Pediatric nurses came in to see him just because she wanted to play with him.Which was fine with me. She asked if she could give him a biscuit and I shrugged and said sure. Well he LOVED it. Held onto it and sucked away and nibbled on it till it was gone. I went to the store today and couldn't find anything that looked like it :( It was oval shaped with round edges. The only thing I found was these

It says toddlers so I wasn't going to buy them for DS (he's 5 months old)

Does anyone have something similar to what I described or a suggestion of something I can give him?

[♥]Mrs. Taylor 18 kids; Texas 12250 posts
Dec 30th '12

Biter biscuits.

♥MamaToS&O♥ 2 kids; ., IL, United States 12369 posts
Dec 30th '12
Quoting [♥]Mrs. Morgan:" Biter biscuits."

Awesome thank you!