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30th Dec '12

okay I have a weird question But i know when you think your pregnant your suppose to look for signs again. I have one baby already. but heres my questions to the moms who are on baby number two or have had more than one baby. When you got pregnant again did your breast color change again or did it stay the same. My breast color has been the same since I've had my daughter. I didnt know if that was a sign I should still be looking for or if i need to watch for other signs. I have the paraguard iud but when i last had sex i stopped bleeding for a few days and then right after i went straight into a period. I know the iud is suppose to be affective immediatly but I've heard of people getting pregnant with them. So idk I took a test already and it came back negative and ill take another one in a few more weeks. I just wanted to know because since I had my daughter my blue veins never went away and my color stayed the same