horrible pains AJosetteMac 3 kids; Farmington, New Mexico 893 posts
Dec 30th '12

This is my third pregnancy. I'm currently 24 Weeks soon to be 25 . And I'm having horrible pains. Its not doing ligament pains. I've had those. But this is different. They are in my sides below my ribs. Mainly my left its like a stabbing pain, sometimes in my right it shoots up under my shoulder blade and feels like when you're rib pinches your skin. like my lungs get pinched, I can't get comfortable. I barely sleep. And I've gone to the ER before for horrible pains I thought was an iud. It wasn't, it was just pain they said. so they gave me pain meds and sent me with 4 to take home. About two months ago I'm down to my last one and don't want to take it I hate taking them but it gets to the point where I'm a complete b***h cuz I hurt so bad and can't do shit. Any idea what it is?

TIA for any advice

Kori Shell Due February 10 (girl); Surprise, Arizona 7 posts
Dec 30th '12

Hopefully your kiddo didn't dislocate your ribs??!! That happened to a friend of mine and there wasn't anything they could do for her til she delivered! My son made a habit of putting his foot in my ribs but he didn't hurt me too bad! Good Luck!

AJosetteMac 3 kids; Farmington, New Mexico 893 posts
Dec 30th '12

!?!? Is she big enough to do that!?! wouldn't it be worse like much wise!? Its mainly right there by my ribs and I've never had it before. . .