poop Alisonmarie Due December 24 (girl); Glendale, Arizona 35 posts
30th Dec '12

i pooped on the bed while giving birth and now my boyfriend won't talk to me what should i do?

user banned Due April 2; Georgia 7200 posts
30th Dec '12

He didn't know it was a possibility that you'd shit during childbirth?

Crazy Train 18 kids; Killeen, Texas 1478 posts
30th Dec '12

Find a more understanding boyfriend?

Jennybananna 2 kids; Gilbert, AZ, United States 25079 posts
30th Dec '12

Tell him to grow up. It happens to a lot of women you use the same muscles to push out a baby that you do to poop.

misanthrope 2 kids; Ramona, California 15431 posts
30th Dec '12

I would file for child support. Screw him.

Always♥Faithful 2 kids; CHERRY POINT, North Carolina 21661 posts
30th Dec '12

You pushed a watermelon sized child out of your vag and then the after birth and he was grossed out by poop?

his*mama TTC since Aug 2013; 1 child; Portland, Oregon 3291 posts
30th Dec '12

really?! I laughed when Ipooped during labor. You can't really help it if it's going to come out.

Mrs. Austin Carlile TTC since Nov 2012; 33 kids; Ontario 13970 posts
30th Dec '12

LOL really?

[♥]Mrs. Taylor 18 kids; Texas 12250 posts
30th Dec '12

Tell him to kiss your ass?

Bop ✿ 3 kids; Alabama 22508 posts
30th Dec '12

:? well he sounds very mature

Bethyboo wants a VBAC! Due July 6 (boy); 18 kids; Mississippi 1194 posts
30th Dec '12

I laughed so hard... Please tell me this is a joke!

Maybe you should shit on him... Thats a real reason to leave

Lacey.Rose 33 kids; Edmonton, Alberta 869 posts
30th Dec '12

Find a more supportive boyfriend. Mine would probably make fun of me for a little bit but he wouldn't stop talking to me. That's childish (so would making fun of you but we make fun of each other for a lot of stupid things. And its not so much "making fun" as it is lightening the mood)

Kelly&Coralie 1 child; Rochester, NY, United States 56009 posts
status 31st Dec '12

Tell him to f**k off. He sounds very immature and petty

and will you come back to your other thread and update it? What did you finally decide?

SavageDarling 3 kids; Webster, Massachusetts 10381 posts
31st Dec '12

Tell him to grow the f**k up. Most women poop during childbirth and if that's too much for him maybe he should stop knocking people up.
And what did you decide about the topic of your other post?

Kelly+Brandon=Blake 1 child; Maryland 1260 posts
31st Dec '12

Wow, maybe that's not the real reason? Maybe it has something to do with the adoption, and he's trying to use a different reason even though it makes him look like an idiot. Keep posted OP