having a very hard time right now(kinda long) posts
30th Dec '12

This time of year has been very hard for me. Last year in November I lost my auntie. This lady meant so much to me,she was just like a second mother to me! We had always been very close and loosing her was very heart breaking for me. Then on December 13, I found out I was pregnant only a few days after my birthday. My bf and I was very excited we had been together 3 years at the time! I was around 10 weeks when I found out that I was trying to have a miscarriage then on the 26 I passed what looked like to be the baby. So i went to the dr in January(the soon as they could see me) well from January to February I had went to 5different dr and none could tell me what was going on because my levels kept rising and dropping but ultrasound showed that I had passed everything. I ended up going to Vanderbilt in Nashville and they told me I needed a d&c asap. I had one the next day and they said it looked like I was pregnant with twins and only passed one. It was very very heart breaking for me and my bf. Then in October of this year I lost my uncle in a car wreck. This all just seems like a bad dream
Sorry lady's just needed to vent

Mommy2Kay 1 child; Florida 4211 posts
31st Dec '12

I'm so sorry for all your losses, I lost the person closest to me, my mom, 9 years ago. The pain never stops but at some point you accept it. If you ever need to talk, you can pm me.