down hill *isaiahs_mama* 1 child; McKinney, Texas 287 posts
31st Dec '12

I feel like me and my SO have had no relationship since the baby. Our son is two now and he literally pays me no attention. I focus all my energy on work school and our baby so he's the only adult time I have I my life and that time is pretty non existent. We don't have any shows we watch watch together we don't have anything we like to do together I pretty much have to beg for sex but that got old so now my sex life is non existent too. Any remnants of a relationship between us has all been by my effort alone and I'm starting to get tired. The only reason I stay is for our son because he is a decent dad but I don't know if that's a good enough reason any more. I just don't know.... any advice or encouragement would be appreciated

Gosloving 1 child; Washington 12831 posts
31st Dec '12

Have you told him how you feel? That's how it was between DH and I when LO was first born, when I asked why he told me that he felt like all our attention was meant to be put on LO because she's a baby, he read a lot of stuff that could harm or cause a child to die in the first year and was just really freaked out.

*isaiahs_mama* 1 child; McKinney, Texas 287 posts
31st Dec '12

Yea it's like a cycle I get really fed up and just stop all my efforts of having a relationship when he asks what's wrong I explain I get a date night then the next week it's back to the same. Never anything genuine. It's going on w.t years now and I'm really getting frustrated that things will never change.

Suck my PENIS 17 kids; Florida 40538 posts
31st Dec '12

Have a week of "date" nights. Do different things every single night.

Pick movies to watch together that you will both enjoy and can speak about.
When your LO is sleeping use that time to interact with your SO.

Every chance you get interact with him. Communication is key.