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31st Dec '12

My 21 month old is sick. When I say sick, I mean he is super sick. He had RSV this time last year and I suspect that is the case now. He was a preemie, but you definitely can't tell now. He is bigger than most his age. Anywho, he went to bed tonight around 8pm just fine. He had a snotty nose and a mild cough but it wasn't that bad. He came out into the living room a little while ago (he sleeps in a big boy bed) and he was crying. I picked him up and he is hacking and coughing. I calmed him and laid him back down. He was fine and started to doze off until he began to cough again. Every time he would cough he could cry. I checked to see if I had anymore albuterol to give him a neb treatment and of course I am out. So I turned the shower on hot and waited for the bathroom to steam up, and took him in there. We sat in there about 20 minutes and he only coughed about 2 times. When I brought him back out he was right back to hacking and coughing. I kept patting his back to try to break up the congestion, but no luck. I put a wedge pillow on his bed and laid him on it but he wants to lay on his tummy so he just keeps sliding down. Is there anything else I can do for him? He can't sleep and he is so pitiful. There are no pharmacies open in our town after 10pm and the closest one is 30 minutes away. I have older kids and have some children's cold medicine but it says it is for 6-12 years. I'd give him a 1/4 of a dose but I am scared of killing him. :/ I am calling his doc at 9am tomorrow but is there anything I can do for the night?

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I would drive 30 mins to get meds if he is that bad and you have nothing for him.

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31st Dec '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting JessieLeeAnne:</b>" I would drive 30 mins to get meds if he is that bad and you have nothing for him."</blockquote>

Yup. Even though it's a pain in the ass to load everyone in the car. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.

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31st Dec '12

My daughter has had RSV many times it is so scary. If they get it once they are more inclined to get it again. If your LO is struggling to breath or you can see ribs when they inhale, you need to go to urgent care if you don't have a Nebulizer with albuterol or whatever was proscribed last time. Do not give medication for older ages and cut the dose that is inaccurate and can be dangerous.

If your LO isn't getting enough oxygen this can really harm their organs, even if it is just 'overnight'...

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31st Dec '12

Get a Vicks steamer... and meds for his age and weight. Get him to the doc tomorrow, unless these things don't help... take him tonight.

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31st Dec '12

Do you have a humidifier or some vapour rub you could place onto his chest?
Does he have a fever?
If you are scared he may be really sick is there anyway you can bring him into an emergency room or hospital?
First thing in the morning you should stock up on some medication and to see a doctor though.

If you think hes just really not feeling well, but it isn't an emergency, than what I normally do is put a movie on, and lay beside my kids ,it keeps them calm, if hes whining it could make the cough worse. Then normally they pass out watching the movie and their breathing gets better, but remember coughing and high temps are always worse at night !

If he gets a fever you could try a cold towel on his head to try to break the fever, and give him lots of fluids ! (don't give him the medication for older children)

It always sucks when the LO's are sick :( Good luck! I hope he gets better !!!