my lil climber is driving me nuts Ax3 2 kids; Arkansas 4228 posts
31st Dec '12

My DD is driving me insane. She's a climber and I have pretty much dealt with everything but the couch. She gets up on the couch, which would be fine except that she won't sit on the cushions....she sits on the arm and kinda bounces herself. She fell backwards off of it last night cried for a minute and tried to get right back up. Our kitchen chairs are stacked against a wall and blocked off so she doesn't drag them over so she can sit on the table:roll: My first didn't do this...anything else I can do besides redirection?

Pointless post but tell me when your climber stopped

Yurvette [♥] 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Hyrule Castle, LZ, San Marino 37205 posts
31st Dec '12

My climber is soon to be 6 and still hasnt stopped. lol.

Bad Things 1 child; Blacksburg, SC, United States 20990 posts
31st Dec '12

just told LO to sit down right and put him where he is supposed to sit. After falling off a couple times, with me right beside him, he learned not to do that anymore. lol

IOnlyMakeBoys (B.B.M) 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Texas 4754 posts
31st Dec '12

My son is the same way except now he likes to climb on something then jump off it and like you the only thing I haven

Ax3 2 kids; Arkansas 4228 posts
31st Dec '12

6?????? Oh dear Lord. She's 15 months now. I don't think I can handle that lol