Terrible cold posts
31st Dec '12

So I am 26 weeks pregnant. I have the really bad cold, and it just keeps getting worse and worse. At first it was little sore (throat), now my nose is really stuffy and runny. and it's hard to swallow; even water, my throat is so dry, and every time I cough it sound horrible and it hurts my stomach. I took tylonal but it doesn't seem to be working any tips to get rid of my cold or to ease my sore throat and stuffy nose? :cry:

Dr. Elliot Reid ; 1 child; New Zealand 8953 posts
31st Dec '12

Have a shower and steam up the bathroom, that should help a little bit

Leash25 2 kids; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1595 posts
status 31st Dec '12

sudafed! i had a horrible cold just like that around 15 weeks. it helps alot