Hospital visit (terrible) posts
31st Dec '12

So I haven't been feeling Asher move much in the past 2 days and as this is my second pregnancy I started feeling him at 15 weeks. Personally I didn't think it was a big deal and I was gonna wait until monday(today) to call my dr. So I called and I had to leave a message which the Damn medical asst didn't listen to until AFTER the last patient of the day was seen! She flipped out on me for not calling a on call dr over the weekend and made feel like an absolute idiot for "risking my baby" thought didn't know you had to do kick counts till like 30 weeks... Anyways I was sent to the ER (couldn't go to L&D because I'm not 20 weeks) after waiting with 50 other people all of which were coughing up their second lung or had the flu. I was finally taken back and had to go thought the whole hospital process. The US tech came in and turns out Asher has moved his way to almost my back (explaining the terrible back pain I've been having) and the tech confirmed that he is defiantly a BOY! Extremely exciting news for me but I was there for 6 hours!!! Sorry it was venting time.... Not to happy with my dr's staff... LOVE my dr though:)

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status 31st Dec '12

I don't understand if you are under 20 weeks why they want you doing kick counts? That seems a little crazy to me since he has so much room to hide his movement from you. I'm happy you got another u/s though. I always loved seeing DD during those. And I'm happy you and baby are both ok.

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31st Dec '12

Are you high risk or something....? It's just really weird that they'd want you to do a kick count already, considering how small he is and how much room he has in there...

Happy you found out the sex though! I'm having a boy too. So exciting! :D

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31st Dec '12

That's stupid you aren't seen in L&D till after 20 weeks. Here they send you to L&D after you've made it passed your first trimester. I don't think its fair you have to sit with a bunch of sickies. Although I've never had to wait in a hospital for very long at any point in my life because I have severe asthma.

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<blockquote><b>Quoting :</b>" @ Kate & Tilly-I didn't understand either, it was just one of those things that I wanted to ask the ... [snip!] ... because my husband was born with a hole in his heart.. But I'm not classified as high risk... And THANKYOU to the both of you!"</blockquote>

I'd want to know everything was ok too if I was taking a trip. I hope you have fun!