Thursday is the big surgery day Permently Deleted 36 posts
1st Jan '13

I finally go thursday for surgery on my cervix to make an opening. I dont have a cervix opening caused from my LEEP procedure and infection aftwards over a year ago. It has caused severe painful periods with no bleeding. I am holding old blood in my uterus. Im so excited and nervous and I hope things go well and smoothly!!!!

r a b b i t ™ Somewhere, US, United States 27553 posts
1st Jan '13

Good luck!!!
I hope everything goes smoothly and the recovery is easy. :D

Amelia [a Mom] 1 child; 4 angel babies; Tallahassee, Florida 17794 posts
status 1st Jan '13

Ouch that sounds very painful. Hope it all goes smoothly!

SavageDarling 3 kids; Webster, Massachusetts 10381 posts
1st Jan '13

That sounds ghastly. I'm glad you're having it resolved, good luck!!!!

1st Jan '13

Thank you guys for the encouragement! I hope it all goes smoothly. I will keep all posted on how it turns out