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How Many Meals a Day Do YOU Eat? *poll* Harajuku Girl 4 kids; Your House, NY, United States 33196 posts
Jan 2nd '13

I eat a steady 3 meals a day, plus a mid afternoon snack.

κατι 1 child; Memphis, Tennessee 3143 posts
Jan 2nd '13

2 or 3 it varies.

khigh 1 child; Fort Sill, Oklahoma 8101 posts
Jan 2nd '13

One actual meal and snack through the day

Cαtwomαn 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Gotham, DC, United States 15106 posts
Jan 2nd '13

Two usually. But I snack, too.

Angel [Mariah's Mommy] 1 child; Indianapolis, Indiana 18065 posts
Jan 2nd '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting khigh:</b>" One actual meal and snack through the day"</blockquote>


I'm His Amy He's My Rory 2 kids; Caldwell, Idaho 49366 posts
Jan 2nd '13

I only eat like 2x a day period. Usually not even meals really.

HopingforaMiracle 1 child; USA 23103 posts
Jan 2nd '13

When I'm feeling up to par I eat three. If I'm feeling the way I've been feeling I eat maybe one. Most of the time no meals and drink a protein drink.

Just Emily :) 2 kids; Aberdeen, Sd, United States 14706 posts
Jan 2nd '13

I'm never hungry till mid afternoon. Sometimes I'll eat a small dinner but usually only lunch.

FriendsOffBitch Calgary, Alberta 6867 posts
Jan 2nd '13

I only eat dinner, but usually snack during the day. Unless you count coffee as breakfast.

Amanda Contento Florida 2302 posts
Jan 2nd '13

I eat a lot. I have breakfast. then I eat lunch, snack, dinner and then snack when I feel hungry before I go to bed.

Bop ✿ 3 kids; Alabama 22511 posts
Jan 2nd '13

2 most of the time with snacks but when I am on a day shift schedule I tend to eat 3

Dovahkiin 1 child; 1 angel baby; Kentucky 16776 posts
Jan 2nd '13

I just eat dinner and snack throughout the day.

Lacey.Rose 33 kids; Edmonton, Alberta 869 posts
Jan 2nd '13

I currently don't have enough energy to make a meal, and SO is always working. I also don't have enough room left in me to eat a whole meal so I basically just eat when I get hungry, a salad here, sandwich there, fruits and veggies...

S U Z I E 3 kids; Venezuela 18567 posts
Jan 2nd '13

I try and eat at least once a day, but I'm in school and stressed out... I can't eat when I'm stressed! I've lost 30lbs since March. :shock:

username1 1 child; Chicopee, MA, United States 30921 posts
Jan 2nd '13

i eat a late lunch and dinner.. and snack throughout the day