Family Katelyn TTC♥ TTC since Dec 2013; 1 child; Nauvoo, Alabama 746 posts
2nd Jan '13

Who gets along with their in laws and who dosent? If not why? Who lives near their in laws?

Bree-L 2 kids; California 263 posts
2nd Jan '13

I used to live with my in-laws and the relationship got very strained. Once I moved out, I became VERY close to them. My MIL comes to me whenever she has problems now! We're very good friends :)

**Cali's Mommie**[EBF] 2 kids; San Jacinto, California 661 posts
2nd Jan '13

i just moved near myinlaws and i cant stand them!!! there all wayyy older then me!! so i dont have much in common with any of them!! but even when i didnt live near them they found a way to judge me!!! i just try to stay the hell away as much as i can!

MILF !! 2 kids; Connecticut 3946 posts
2nd Jan '13

my mother in law is a complete a*****e. my FIL is absolutely amazing. we live about 10 min away.

user banned (boy); 2 kids; Fucking, Austria 36337 posts
2nd Jan '13

MIL lives down the street. We get along just fine.

Jenn{+2} 2 kids; California 4107 posts
status 2nd Jan '13

My in laws are almost 2hrs away. I love them! The only thing my MIL does that annoys me is when I tell my oldest she can't do/have something, she's right there telling her she can. :/

Maria + Cory = Alexis 17 kids; Middleport, Ohio 1075 posts
2nd Jan '13

I wasn't on the greatest of terms with my MIL but I still respected her. She pasted away in 2011 and I still think of her often. I even have her photo framed in my living room.

Now her husband is a different story. He kinda creep me out in the beginning. Once his wife died he announced a month later he was marrying Cory's best friend's mother. Someone him and his wife never really cared for so I thought. She is not my MIL and she is NOT Lexi's grandmother no matter what she thinks. I lost most of my respect for him then. Back in August me and Cory broke up for a few months and he claimed my daughter was not Cory's. I was really pissed and still haven't really forgiven him for the denial of his granddaughter. However I have agreed to let him come see her once we are home from the hospital, but Cory and I both agreed that he is not allowed to take her anywhere and she will not go to their home.