Moose's Mama 18 kids; Moose, Wyoming 11443 posts
3rd Jan '13
Quoting Lara +2:" What about something like this?"

^ that thing was amazing! I used it with DS, and he took almost every nap in it and a couple night.

Momma +2 Girls 2 kids; Indiana 3612 posts
3rd Jan '13

Also, the (cant think of the right word so ill use...) lining of the esophagus doesn't close all the way so the food/acid can escape back up your throat. That's why you want to stay on an elevated position. Eating late at night and then laying down can make it worse. So if you're feeding and then laying down, its def possible.

newmommie12 17 kids; Michigan 601 posts
3rd Jan '13

My son was the same way still is he WILL not sleep on his back. So we have always put him on his belly since we came home from the hospital. My mother told me that all 3 of her kids where the same way belly sleepers. As was my husband so my poor baby didnt have a fighting chance I guess if it will put ure mind at ease put the crib as close to your side of the bed see if that helps with putting baby on her belly to sleep. They way I see it and feel is if all these thing truly caused sids then how in the hell have we all survied the human race would not be here if all those "rules" are the reason behind sids. Good luck momma but if you are ok with her sleeping in her car seat let her. its not going to hurt her at all

hobbit* 3 kids; New Zealand 44783 posts
4th Jan '13

Put phone books underneath the cot wheels at the head end :D