Question about doing dishes! .::One_Love_Mama::. Due May 24; 2 kids; Texas 2607 posts
3rd Jan '13

If u live with a roommate, whether it's a family member or a friend, do u wash their dishes too? We live with my BIL right now & up until recently I was mainly the only one washing the dishes (my DH or BIL would do them MAYBE once a week). Well my BIL's on again off again gf who stays here when they feel like being together, has been here for days now & I've stopped doing all the dishes & just my own family's dishes. Their dishes/cups/wine glasses have been in the sink going on 2 days now. I told my DH I'm not doing them, he doesn't blame me. But I'm curious if other people would do the same...?

lolajessup 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Beaverton, Michigan 44070 posts
3rd Jan '13

I would if they were like doing laundry or vacuuming or skmething to pitch in. But if they're doing nothing then no I wouldn't do any of their shit.

Amy mommy of 4 Due June 27 (boy); 51 kids; Arlington, Washington 361 posts
3rd Jan '13

I moved out of a roomate situation cause my rookie wouldn't do his dishes and then with my next situation I got 100 dollars off my rent to do dishes for him and when his sister moved in I refused to do her dishes cause she was living there rent free!!! I don't blame you either. Don't do them. Tell their asses to do it. Your not their house Keeper. He needs to clean up after his girlfriend if she doesn't clean after herself. Which is rude. I'm passionate about this subject. Lol

Lois. 1 child; Pennsylvania 2653 posts
3rd Jan '13

I'd like to say I'd do the same thing but I know that I'd end up doing them eventually because who wants a bunch of dirty dishes making their kitchen look gross?
Then I'd be a huge b***h until they started doing their own damn dishes.

Momma +2 Girls 2 kids; Indiana 3612 posts
3rd Jan '13

I wouldn't. And I would have vocalized the fact that its not my responsibility to clean up after any of them.

Good Queen Bess 2 kids; Ontario 45870 posts
status 3rd Jan '13

When I had a room mate, we had a very strict chore schedule.

I hated dishes, so someone else does them.

Bettinas 2 kids; Australia 2204 posts
3rd Jan '13

I would always end up doing them because they'd never get done when we lived with SIL. The same went for the rest of the housework too. I just couldn't deal with living in a pigsty and when dishes were left on the bench, her cats would try to eat them and vomit everywhere. It was better to not have to clean vomit when I woke up because she'd conveniently sleep in :x

.::One_Love_Mama::. Due May 24; 2 kids; Texas 2607 posts
3rd Jan '13

Yeah I am the only one who vacuums, and of course I have to remind the guys to take out the trash. Thanks y'all! :)

*M3* 2 kids; Florida 11717 posts
15th Jan '13

When we lived with my in laws I refused to doanybodies but my family's cause my BIL gf was nasty as f**k :(