Linespotters day 2 Addy'sMama♡ 1 child; 1 angel baby; Houston, Texas 611 posts
3rd Jan '13

Can anyone edit this pic for me do you see a second line with color?? AF is due the 9th! TIA

*B & D Mommy* 2 kids; Illinois 15809 posts
3rd Jan '13

I think I see a faint line..I *think*

Mrs.O! 18 kids; Hawaii 21041 posts
3rd Jan '13

that looks negative to me but you still have 6 days until AF should be showing so it could just be too early.

Vivian [♥] 2 kids; Balls Deep, in, Georgia 13908 posts
3rd Jan '13

I don't see anything, sorry!

Naturally Alternative 34 kids; 2 angel babies; Lafayette, Louisiana 5642 posts
3rd Jan '13

Is that from Early Pregnancy Tests. com? Either way... I tested on those forever and 0 line. Finally got fed up and got a FRER... line. Tested on that with the same pee, nothing. I don't trust those anymore.

Pey and Trista's mommy 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Houston, Texas 42502 posts
3rd Jan '13

Don't see anything even playing with it some but test ina few days!

~Barefoot Birdie~ 3 kids; Cambria, CA, United States 127 posts
3rd Jan '13

I don't see anything.

Satin&Roses +1 1 child; Summerville, South Carolina 542 posts
3rd Jan '13

Sorry sweetie. I tweaked and played with it but I'm not seeing anything at all.

Wait three or four more days and then test again. If you caught the egg (fingers crossed!) it may not have implanted and started triggering HCG hormones yet. I know, the two-week wait is HELL but you need to wait a few more days to test.

Good luck!!

Addy'sMama♡ 1 child; 1 angel baby; Houston, Texas 611 posts
3rd Jan '13

Thanks guys :) ill retest on the 5th!