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4th Jan '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Misty Walls:</b>" The way my clothes smell right when i get them out of the dryer, and the smell of new vinyl (:roll: yeah idk)"</blockquote>

Clothes straight from the clothesline smelling like sunshine!

⚓Misty⚓ 4 kids; Keenesburg, Colorado 7276 posts
4th Jan '13

Also that winter smell when your dog comes in from the cold

user banned 3 kids; Ontario 10942 posts
4th Jan '13

I love the smell of vanilla, but it makes me horny, so I dont buy vanillia candles anymore. lol

I love the color of fall leaves, And the way the fresh falling snow lands on birch trees, its so puuurdy. lol

I love being out somewhere public and seeing parents and children playing, (like moms and dads) my kids dont have that :( so when I see it, it makes me go awww.

Yo-Landi 2 kids; Kiss my ass, EU, Lithuania 16128 posts
status 4th Jan '13

I love those really soft couches that you just sink into.
I love the hum of an A/C, fan, or other type of machine.
I love all the sounds and feel of SPRING.
I like when I have really good conversations with someone I didn't even think I like that much.
I love when DS is just in a diaper and I'm topless and we're sleeping skin to skin with his arm and leg around me, sloth style. :)

Ashley Jean ♥ 34 kids; Dry Ridge, Kentucky 12391 posts
4th Jan '13

I love a lot of smells. Like.... the smell of a wood burning stove, the smell of the washer running, fresh cut grass, fall/winter candles.
I LOVE makes me happy. I literally went outside (while sick..not the smartest thing) when it actually SNOWED for the first time last week just to stand in it and feel it touch my face. Weird, I know.
I love sitting around a big bonfire and wearing jeans and hoodies.
Laying in our tent or the bed of the truck while we're camping out just looking at the stars.
Oh, and a choir singing.

The Doctor 2 kids; Whiskey d**k Mountain, WA, United States 60058 posts
4th Jan '13

The first 3 seconds that an orchestra starts playing a song.

Staring at the stars and getting lost in them.

Baby smell.

Ridiculously fuzzy socks.


☠BryBry'sMuM☠ Due March 19 (girl); 1 child; Fullerton, California 15229 posts
4th Jan '13
Quoting Blah:" The smell of freshly mowed grass. "

:!:this and also fresh cut grass on a soccer field in the morning.
this is random but i love the smell of a match that was just burnt or blown out.

the smell of a peach tea snapple when you first open it. (im so wierd)

the feeling when my son pulls me to him for a hug and he lightly pats me (hes only 2)

mari_ su ♡ 2 kids; Phoenix, Arizona 1730 posts
4th Jan '13

I also loooove the smell of autozone. lol

MzDENISE 1 child; California 15580 posts
4th Jan '13

The smell of fresh dirt after it has rained.
The smell of pool chlorine ( I use to be a swimmer).

House of Estrogen Washington, District of Columbia 625 posts
4th Jan '13

The smell of a good thunderstorm on a summer day.
The smell of blankets that have spent the day drying in the sunshine.
The look of amazement when babies learn.

user banned 2 kids; Vientiane, Lao People's Democratic Republic 17415 posts
4th Jan '13

I love this thread!

kitermom 2 kids; Beaverton, Oregon 740 posts
4th Jan '13

The sound of coffee being poured~
My kid's hands rubbing my face~
Jumping into a pre warmed bed~
Fresh cut grass~
A really good run~
Edging against the wind and just setting my kite~
Crossing over a particular bridge and the sound it makes~
Hearing my dog talk~