how do I get her to take milk? FeliciaAnn Due June 1; 3 kids; Washington 1333 posts
5th Jan '13

DD3 is almost 15 months old and as of last night our nursing relationship is over. She has never been interested in comfort nursing, and the last few weeks she has only wanted to before her one nap OR bed time (and that's if I kind of make her, in the sense that I have to swaddle her to calm down enough to do it). Anyway, she does not like milk. She is proficient with a sippy cup that isn't a problem, but I'd like her to at least get some milk. She will not drink it! Any tips?

Rea Due January 9 (girl); 3 kids; Missouri 4228 posts
5th Jan '13

will she drink other things? She may just not like the taste, or if it makes he tummy sick, I would try soy and things like that, I mean, keep trying but if she will drink water and a little milk/ soy milk she will be fine.

ElleBelle (36 weeks) Due September 22; 1 child; 1 angel baby; Rio Rancho, NM, United States 22241 posts
status 5th Jan '13

My dd is 15 months and won't touch milk either! We're still breastfeeding a lot though (5ish times a day). I've heard from other mamas that as long as LO is eating a lot of yogurt, cheese, or ther dairy it's ok ...but I think the LO was still getting breast milk.

P3RvYmCp3rv 2 kids; Carlyle, Illinois 11904 posts
5th Jan '13

honestly if she has a variety in her diet she doesn't NEED milk. This is something that I've had our pedi(s) stress to me because Cylus HATES milk. They said as long as we have a variety they don't NEED the milk.

I'm His Amy He's My Rory 2 kids; Caldwell, Idaho 49254 posts
5th Jan '13

She doesn't need it, don't force her to drink it if she doesn't want.

FeliciaAnn Due June 1; 3 kids; Washington 1333 posts
5th Jan '13

Alrighty! See our pedi stresses to give milk at one, but I didn't bother. I waited until she was at her corrected age to even try it (a month ago) and I've offered it several times but she isn't interested. She drinks a lot of water or cranberry juice, any other kind gives her a rash :( she loves water though. She eats a pretty organic diet with a ton of variety. She is actually my only not picky eater. She loves all food it's awesome lol :) thanks guys I don't feel so bad about it now!!

Jennybananna 2 kids; Gilbert, AZ, United States 25079 posts
5th Jan '13

As long as she is getting the good fats from other foods (fish,nuts, avocados, ect) I wouldnt push milk. Have you tried almond milk? I hear a lot of BF babies prefer that over cows milk.

EpicThunderCat! ; 1 child; Oregon 9400 posts
6th Jan '13

Have you tried goats milk or coconut milk or almond milk?
Children don't need cows milk and it's actually very hard on the tummy especially having had breast milk.

justanothamotha Due January 20; 130 kids; Climax, Michigan 5120 posts
6th Jan '13

I have tried every single kind of milk known to man, animal, plant, whatever & my older one hates it. He's never had any but boobie & he is almost 6 & fine. He gets calcium in other things in his diet as well as fats. He will also do yogurt, so he gets the same in that ounce for ounce as you would in milk.

You don't need cow's milk or any other milk at that's just an easy way to cover a few bases.