Engaging Pregnancy Articles with a Twist!

Thinking about TTC #4 SluttyForHubby Due December 12; 51 kids; League City, Texas 1798 posts
5th Jan '13

Lately, I've been thinking alot about ttc our number 4. And as if looking for a sign, my iud shifted and fell out (causing crazy pain) a few weeks ago. So, asof now, I'm bc free. Moms of 4+... how's the transition? Our main thing rightnow is lack of support from family and friends. If we even mention a possibility of number 4, it is met with hastey and negative comments from friends and family. DH and I have a brand new house, new vehicles, our children have the best of the best. We can feed them, afford them, nurture, and support them.... so other than us being young (young to have 4), I see no real reason for negativity. i just graduated with my bachelors, my hubby makes 6 figures a year. Have any of you let the lack of "friendly recrption" influence your decision to ttc? I just think that I'm goin gto want a number 4 eventually, why not get it over with and get my tubes tied and be done done done?!! :-)

Leah+2 2 kids; Texas 5797 posts
5th Jan '13

We haven't had great support from those who know about this pregnancy already. I've decided I'm happy enough for everyone.

If you and your hubby want to then go for it. Besides, nobody can resist a newborn baby :)

Mama to three TTC since May 2013; 3 kids; Charlottle, Nc, United States 221 posts
5th Jan '13

I am in the same boat! My 3rd child just turned a year old and we've been discussing it and when we go to tell It to anyone they are so negative about it. Like anything over 3 and we'll be unable to care for them or love them or something. A little support would be nice! If we can provide financially and emotionally what do they really care?

Maddie F 1 child; Sarasota, Florida 779 posts
5th Jan '13

I haven't really been in your situation but I feel like if you're only reason for not TTC is because of family/friends then you should go with what you want. You're financially stable and ready so I don't see a reason not to. Is there a reason why your friends and family disagree?

user banned SAN FRANCISCO, CA, United States 24574 posts
5th Jan '13

Our family is the opposite, they were always asking when we planned to have another and were kinda disappointed that we've decided to close shop. But, as far as the transition for 3 to 4...there isn't any! Seriously, you could have 12 and it wouldn't make a difference at this point. Good Luck TTC!!! That's so exciting...

Rea Due January 9 (girl); 3 kids; Missouri 4228 posts
5th Jan '13

So you are happily married ( i will just assume DH is not one on the naysayers) you have a good income, basic needs and then some....what is the issue? People can think what ever they want. In all honestly I do get irritated when people complain about money/are on assistance/are contemplating divorce ect and intentionally have a bunch of kids, but if that is not the is your choice!

Dayna Cole 5 kids; 3 angel babies; Bluefield, WV, United States 106 posts
5th Jan '13

I was met with OMG how are you going to handle another one with my 4th. The transition is easy and if you already have 3 then the 4th is the easiest. You already have so much experience that you have already perfected your parenting skills. It is hectic of course but you have been doing hectic since #2 came into the picture! If you feel ready go for it. Now I am proudly pregnant with #5 and everyone has finally figured out just not to even mention the concerns from #4 because I can shut them up real quick! :D

SluttyForHubby Due December 12; 51 kids; League City, Texas 1798 posts
5th Jan '13

Hubby wants to ttc! We are very very very happily married. We are on no govt assistance whatsoever. What is so bad/weird/ crazy about wanting one more? Going from 2-3 was super easy and smooth.... i would hope adding wouldnt add too too much!!!!