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6th Jan '13

SO i had my period on december 24th, i THOUGHT i ovulkated right after bc i was cramping on one side pretty bad and had some discharge etc.. but now of course im all screwed up and i dont have na ovulation test bc i had to pay the darn bills this week and bc i work for the school id ont get paid for having vacation off blah.. soo anyways, i was searching online and they said its easy to tell if u are ovulation or about to ovulate, or over ovulation by your cervical mucus, so i thought HEY what a better way to tell then this method. So i go in the bathroom etc and of course im still soo confused about what it shoudl look like NOW (if i am over ovulation) can anyladies HELp me?

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6th Jan '13

After ovulation you'll start to dry up again.

The following information describes the typical progression of the cervical mucus quantity and quality you can expect to see as you move through your menstrual cycle:

  • After your menstrual period: The production of cervical mucus is at its lowest immediately following your period, and some women report
Gavin Carter's Mommy Due October 2 (girl); 17 kids; New York 926 posts
6th Jan '13

okay so basically mine is clear but has soem creamy chunks in it? (no infection) was at the doctor not to long ago for a check up of that area.. but anywayus its thicker maybe a little sticky? what do u think before ovualtion furing ovulation or am i over ovulation?