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Gone.......... Dana +4 4 kids; Ontario 951 posts
6th Jan '13

Thanks for the responses.

That girl Amber +2 2 kids; California 6981 posts
6th Jan '13

Youre not the only woman pregnant right now. Youre going to have to get over the small stuff.

••AgentMommy•• Due November 13; 1 child; 福井市, Japan 1512 posts
6th Jan '13

It depends if she knew that you posted it or not, maybe she was planning to announce hers as well?

Captain Obvious 2 kids; Havana, Cuba 25634 posts
6th Jan '13

Why should she have to wait a few days? That's stupid.

BrittanieY 18 kids; South Carolina 16634 posts
6th Jan '13

Nope, that wouldn't even get me in the spectrum of pissed.

Hell, I would probably send her a congrats message and ask if she wants to be pregnant buddies :).

C A R M E L A💜 1 child; Mahopac, New York 16272 posts
6th Jan '13

I wouldn't be pissed.

Inquisitor. 1 child; Mississippi 11674 posts
status 6th Jan '13

Why would any one be pissed? It's Facebook... You are not the only pregnant woman.

Brandi Eastman 2 kids; Youngsville, Pennsylvania 1452 posts
6th Jan '13

Your not the only one who gets excited about their pregnancy.

Raωkeℓ 1 child; Costa Rica 8257 posts
6th Jan '13

I wouldn't be upset at all. I feel like that is very minor & nothing to get worked up over.

Fatty McRunnerPants 2 kids; 4 angel babies; Clearlake, California 59390 posts
6th Jan '13

You already have three kids. You have no thunder to steal. I'm sure your "announcment" was met with a rolling of eyes, a slight smile and a "well that's not surprising".

ILOVEWINE Due April 24; 2 kids; Sweden 10814 posts
6th Jan '13

Uh no. I'm pretty sure that's the stupidest thing iv heard today. There are millions of pregnant ladies, who cares if your realitive is too? And this is your 4th child, do you really need that much attention?

user banned 2 kids; New York 34017 posts
6th Jan '13

No, i'd be pretty excited.

miss.Amandalyn Due July 28 (boy); 3 kids; Saskatchewan 1323 posts
6th Jan '13

are you guys close

Noah Edward's Mommy:) Due May 23; 1 child; Ohio 1515 posts
6th Jan '13

I would be pissed because when my son was born my boyfriends mom posted pictures of him on Facebook before I did and when I finally posted them no one comment on mine because they already saw the pictures!

Dana +4 4 kids; Ontario 951 posts
6th Jan '13
Quoting ~*~BoobTini~*~:" It depends if she knew that you posted it or not, maybe she was planning to announce hers as well?"

Yes she did, she said congrats. And then a few people told her she should have waited, and her response was. Well She cant get all the attention. lol