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potty training a boy Jessi Graffia 1 child; Louisiana 423 posts
6th Jan '13

My newphew is almost 4! Entirely too old to be pooping in his pants. When he is in big boy underwear he does fine with peeing on the pot. But he will NOT poop. We are running out of ideas. We have tried rewards, we have tried making him wear big boy underwear at all times. I know your not suppose to desipline but its so frustrting. I need any ideas, experiences, or kind words anyone has to offer.

Jennybananna 2 kids; Gilbert, AZ, United States 25079 posts
6th Jan '13

Give it time. Pooping is hard on some kids.

----&& 2 kids; Scituate, Rhode Island 3903 posts
6th Jan '13

Actually a lot of boys aren't fully potty trained until then. At this point its most likely a control issue. Just be consistent and getting onto them just makes it worse....if he is being switched from underwear to pullups or whatnot that will confuse him as well. They get lazy and know that they can potty in pullups. My son was really stubborn, I kept him in underwear and would make him clean up the mess when he pottied in his underwear. He eventually just realized it was easier to use the toilet and quit fighting me.

user banned 2 kids; Hamilton, Ontario 19220 posts
6th Jan '13

I didnt discipline, but I did let him know how inappropriate and dirty it was and how disappointed I was in him. Adding how hes my big boy, and I know he can do this, all he has to do is let mama know he feels it coming and Ill be right here. A hug, a high five and off with our day, with constant reminders to go potty if he felt he needed to.

Gone 17 kids; Miami, FL, United States 15414 posts
6th Jan '13

My son is 3 and completely pee trained and has been for months, but still often poops in his underwear. I work in a therapeutic preschool and in the 3 year old room all of the boys are still wearing pullups and none of the girls are. It's very frustrating that boys take so much longer to get the hang of it, but it's not uncommon for boys to be almost 4 when they are fully trained.