taking prescribed painkillers while pregnant Breyanna Burton Due July 29; Japan 2 posts
7th Jan '13

I have a monthly prescription for vikedin (sp?) and the last time I was at the er having extreme head ache and back aches they gave me a small dose of morphine. I have talked with three different doctors including my ob who prescribes them to me if its harmful as I'm almost 11 weeks. They all said no as long as its prescribed and okay'd by my ob. However my mom is FREAKING out and searching all over the internet to find something that says otherwise. Can anyone back me up on this? I trust my doctor with everything but my mom won't quit bugging me about it. I'm pretty sure if three different doctors say its fine I'm in the clear but she compares it to using heroin or something. How do I convince my mom its okay?

boringwife 1 child; Highlands Ranch, CO, United States 7059 posts
7th Jan '13

call a local pharmacy

greenmamabecky☮ TTC since Jul 2013; 18 kids; Enfield, Connecticut 20987 posts
7th Jan '13

I wouldn't be using it. Imo I agree with your mom. I wouldn't want my child coming out addicted to painkillers or having withdrawals in the womb.

Cordelia's Mom 33 kids; Bakersfield, California 3685 posts
7th Jan '13

I wouldn't take it either. Class C isn't the best to be taking..

Amanda Rugg Due February 11 (boy); 21 kids; Pennsylvania 111 posts
8th Jan '13

i wouldnt use them my dr said its not safe for baby i had kidney stones when i first got pregnant and he said he would give me pain pills if thats what i needed but he didnt feel safe for me to take them i said i would deal with the pain...i agree with ur mom sorry...