I think im getting the flu LIVE.OUT.LOUD Due July 11 (boy); 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Lawrenceville, Georgia 1624 posts
7th Jan '13

Ugh.. I woke up this morning super achy, head ache, coughing that make the space in between my shoulder blades hurt, and nauseous. And I feel like im in a dream. I feel awful... Any suggestions on how to feel a little better? DH has to go to work in a little bit and I really dont know if I can watch the kids... I feel REALLY bad...

ⓖⓡⓘⓝⓒⓗ 2 kids; Azeroth, .., United States Minor Outlying Islands 15360 posts
status 7th Jan '13

Go to the Doctor and get Tamiflu!!! Supposedly, it reduces your symptoms and shortens how long you have it. Its an antiviral medicine. I just learned about it yesterday. :)

Pick up some chicken noodle soup, decaff Lipton tea bags and ginger ale. Steep the tea bags in the heated ginger ale. It works wonders :)

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7th Jan '13

TRy Thera- flu, or maybe Tylenol, and a heating pad

Uh-Nis-Uh [EBF] 2 kids; West Virginia 15190 posts
7th Jan '13

Go to the doctor and get yourself some Tamiflu. Better hurry, you can only take it if your symptoms started in the last two days.

Mommy2Kay Due April 20; 1 child; Florida 4300 posts
7th Jan '13

Theraflu was discontinued but I head alka-seltzer has something like it. There is a really bad flu going on, I hope you don't have because it'll keep you in bed for days.

*Mary Moon* 1 child; New York 3606 posts
7th Jan '13

Alka seltzer plus cold gel caps got me through the flu. I actually felt almost human again an hour after taking them, versus road kill baking in the sun on the side of the highway without the pills.

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7th Jan '13

I never heard of tamiflu I wish i did 2 weeks ago when i had the flu twice in december. All I took was nyquil and cough med my doc perscribed me. It was horrible what got me was the stuffy nose, cough and I couldn't believe how achey I was. The chills was crazy soon as i got dressed after a shower I was super cold.