No Cry Sleep Solution Adan's Mama :) 1 child; Phenix City, Alabama 457 posts
7th Jan '13

Has anyone used this book? If so, what were your experiences? I'm about to transition my soon-to-be 6 month old to his crib, we co-sleep, and i was just wondering if this book would be any help. Thanks for your input.

Soon 2B Mom of 2 2 kids; North Highlands, California 3785 posts
7th Jan '13

Watching* I was thinking about getting this book also.

☮Sugar Magnolia 1 child; Indiana 18298 posts
7th Jan '13

I've always heard awesome things about the book. Don't have it though, never really had an issue with sleep.

J+B=Z&L ♡ 2 kids; Pensacola, Florida 5878 posts
status 7th Jan '13

Ooh watching...

sillygirltracyb_caius1222 4 kids; North Richland Hills, Texas 614 posts
7th Jan '13

Someone just emailed me the book in pdf forma 2 nights ago. bc of a post I had about cry it out. Ive read more than half of it but havent actually got to the solution part yet.. lol. I can return the favor and email it to you as well... hope im not violating copyright infringement....

Inc0gnitus 2 kids; Anchorage, Alaska 4325 posts
7th Jan '13

It's mainly charting and gradual ways to get your baby to sleep. Most of the techniques take quite some time. I did like it, I wound up giving up and using the Ferber Method but that was only because I waited too long to start with LO and by the time I needed him on a schedule I didn't have the time to do the gradual steps No Cry Sleep Solution called for.

Definitely worth buying and reading though, even if you decide not to use the entire method.

Slo2250 1 child; Rochester, New York 160 posts
7th Jan '13

I have the book also and have read it. We co-sleep also and he is 3.5 months old. I haven't really used it too much but figured I'd get ahead of the game. As I read it a lot of it seemed like a no brainer to me! The charting was different and I'm not sure if I will do that. Book was a decent read though and even though some of the ideas were very simple it was nice to read all the information in one place and be able to go back if I want!