Crotcheter and knitters plz read Mommy of 2...Loving It! Due March 19; 2 kids; Georgia 292 posts
7th Jan '13

I am an up and coming photographer looking for certain items and I was wondering if i could build a relationship with people are able to crotchet/ knit them and what your pricing for them. I am looking hammock, blankets, newborn tie, headbands for little girls and hats and diaper covers(male & female). I also want to be able to send things like headbands and hats home with the parents so i will be buying per client. Also I am willing to share picture that my clients don't mind me sharing with you for personal promotion and I will promote you and your items with a tagging pictures I use your props.
Please respond here or message me personally and once contacted I will attach links to my business website, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and Tumblr so you can see my work and decide if you are willing to work with me. Thanks!

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7th Jan '13

i crochet on the cheap. i have a paypal and can ship