had my baby boy jan 7th! M+1 1 child; Ballarat, Australia 1565 posts
8th Jan '13

i was due jan.13th, but had him jan 7th at 12:13pm! he is 20cm long, and weighs 7lbs 15oz. labour lasted more than 22 hours and was pure hell! i will post my story up later :)

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8th Jan '13


user banned Due April 8; 1 child; Washington 11352 posts
8th Jan '13

Saw facebook. he is soooo cute :)

THE Draco Malfoy 2 kids; Tennessee 20890 posts
8th Jan '13
Quoting Cole's Mommy:" Saw facebook. he is soooo cute :)"

i wanna see!:(

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8th Jan '13


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8th Jan '13

Yay!!! Congrats mama!!!

whack a mole crazy Due January 23 (boy); Nebraska 2651 posts
8th Jan '13

Finally! I know youve been off and on for a couple weeks now! Yay!

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8th Jan '13

thanks everyone! the first time i went to l/d i was only dilated 2.5cm, but felt contractions. they ended up sending me home. 2 hours later i came back and was 4cm, so they kept me!

definitely the worst pain i have ever felt in my entire life. i probably had every pain prescription possible lol