Teething Troubles Blessed x2♥ TTC since Dec 2013; 146 kids; Fort Wayne, Indiana 20187 posts
8th Jan '13

My little girls is almost 4 months old and starting to cut a tooth.. Ive been using the teething tablets as recommended, a little Tylenol for a low grade fever and freezed a teething ring but she hates it..

Any tricks work for anyone else, My poor girl is miserable :(

*the girls mom* 3 kids; Warren, Michigan 687 posts
8th Jan '13

My daughter loved to chew on rubber phone cases. lol. silliest thing but it always worked for her, i ended up buying a few just for her to chew on.

Stephanie Charlwood 1 child; United Kingdom 515 posts
8th Jan '13

I dont know if you have anything similar in the US but my little girl loved her 'Bickie peg', its a really hard biscuit that is long and thin so its easy for them to hold.
Tastes nicer than teething ring and she cant break bits off and choke on them, my daughter has only just started to like her teething ring and she is 7 months old.