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Claire-Bear (16 weeks) Due September 29; 1 child; 1 angel baby; Grande Prairie, AB, Canada 717 posts
8th Jan '13

Long!! My biggest fear when I have another baby is the labor taking forever again!

Shanti & Tay 17 kids; Ontario 9188 posts
12th Jan '13

i have one son and the delivery was awesome...labour and delivery took 2 hours only :)

mom2hailey&leah&aria 3 kids; Florida 1280 posts
12th Jan '13

My first was complete hell and the second was great!! It wasn't that I was prepared for the second it had to do with how it all went down and my first OB sucked ass big time and is actually not even allowed to practice anymore.

user banned Due April 8; 1 child; Washington 11352 posts
12th Jan '13

Great! I did it all natural and pushed for 20 mins :)

Ross' Mommy 1 child; Georgia 54 posts
12th Jan '13

I still have nightmares. Mine was AWFUL!! My experience was birth control in itself. Next kid will be mail ordered.

Ross' Mommy 1 child; Georgia 54 posts
12th Jan '13

BUT!!-- My baby boy was so worth it all.

Christian Mum 1 child; Florida 11 posts
13th Jan '13

Mine was wonderful I got the epidural when I was 1cm and I could still feel him come out just didnt have any pains, and I only pushed for 20 mins :) 5lb 8oz healthy baby boy <3