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blood pressure high,swelling,bh, and shortness of breath freddddda 1 child; South Carolina 102 posts
8th Jan '13

i have been having Braxton hicks a lot and they have slowed down some and I have been relaxing but i noticed my ankles swelling really bad and i mentioned to a friend of mine about how swollen they were and that has been terrible the last few days. She told me i should check my blood pressure asap. We want to walgreens and had them test it and the left arm was 151/95 heart rate 112 the right arm was 138/102 and heart rate 105. I called hospital and they said to come in. I was just wondering if anyone's experienced this and what happened?

the BEAST Wisconsin 15638 posts
8th Jan '13

pre-eclampsia is what it sounds like. that shit's no joke

Melissa Gilmore Due January 13 (boy); Michigan 46 posts
8th Jan '13

Sounds like pre-eclampsia. I had the symptoms too, luckily I dont have it. They'll do bloodwork and a 24 hour urine collection if they think you do. Good luck

Chelsea Marie Cate Due April 25 (boy); Cisco, Texas 250 posts
8th Jan '13

Hun it sounds like u got pre e , especially with a bp reading over 140/90 I'd deff go get checked , its something to not mess around with it could put you and your baby in danger and having a blood pressure that high can cause you to stroke out