Siblings close in age Nyxie Lynn Carnahan Due January 19; 17 kids; Rochester, New York 977 posts
9th Jan '13

My daughter is going on 16 months old and I am currently 10/11 weeks pregnant with #2. They will be around 22-23 months apart. My question is, those of you with children around this age difference, how well did you handle it at first and how well did your older child do with the new baby?

Heather ♥ 3 kids; Miami, Florida 2429 posts
9th Jan '13

my girls are 14mo apart. it's actually easier imo. i am scared for having a newb with a little kid and 1 toddler lol.

veronica was awesome with alana, she would help me get her diapers/wipes and if i had to go pee she would stand over the pack n' play to "watch" her for me lol.

Just Emily :) Due June 22; 1 child; Brownsville, Tn, United States 6231 posts
status 9th Jan '13

Thats like my brother and I. Were 22 months apart. My mom loved it cause we played well together and I learned stuff a lot faster cause I would see him doing it. Now he and I are really close.

Phallus Cranium fuknutz, NM, Togo 103283 posts
9th Jan '13

Mine are 22 months apart.

Not going to lie, it was a challenge in the beginning but the bond they have now is amazing.

.free. 2 kids; Arkansas 36040 posts
9th Jan '13

My kids are 16 months apart and ill tell you its not as painstakingly difficult as people make it out to be. My kids pester each other but theyre best friend and wouldn't have it any other way.

Kray K 15 kids; Lowell, MA, United States 1345 posts
9th Jan '13
Quoting Nyxie Lynn Carnahan:" My daughter is going on 16 months old and I am currently 10/11 weeks pregnant with #2. They will be around ... [snip!] ... around this age difference, how well did you handle it at first and how well did your older child do with the new baby?"

My son and daughter are 2 yrs and 1 month apart. My son loves having a sissy. When she was born we included him in everything getting diapers, getting the baby wipes helping with just everything he could. Now they are 5 and 3 and they are bestfriends they can't go a min without each other. my son is in kindergarten and when he comes home 1st thing he does is huge his sissy and tell her how much he missed her. I love having them close in age

Chellie Due September 19; 2 kids; Vegas, Nv, United States 4196 posts
9th Jan '13

Mine are 17 months apart. It was hard to get used to at first but now it is a lot easier. Though DH helps out a lot when we go out as a family and we play baby tag haha and swap out who is taking care of the baby and the toddler.

Barfy McVomitron Due July 19; 4 kids; Glen Burnie, Maryland 29256 posts
9th Jan '13

in my humble opinion, I think close in age is easier. my oldest he was five when I had my second, she was 14months when I had my third, another girl, and she was almost two when I had my fourth. I want another already because I feel my youngest is getting too old (he'll be two in March )

Juliette 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Olive Branch, MS, United States 3015 posts
9th Jan '13

My boys are 21 months apart and they are beat friends. Then my daughter is 12 months younger then ds2 and this baby will be about 22-23 months younger than DD. I LOVE having my kids this close!

Third Time Mommy 19 kids; Michigan 406 posts
9th Jan '13

My daughters are 22 months apart, it was perfect for us, my oldest was able to understand that there was a baby coming and always wanted to help with her, and now that they're older they're really close and they play so well together.

Clopton™ 2 kids; Tulsa, OK, United States 3233 posts
9th Jan '13

My children will be 26 months apart and I'm terrified! My little girl is a rotten thing with an attitude! I guess we'll find out next month how they will be together! :)

Maria + Cory = Alexis 17 kids; Middleport, Ohio 1075 posts
9th Jan '13

Me and my brother are 11 months apart, him an our sister are 2 days shy of being a year apart, and her and our eldest sister are 1 year apart. When my dad wants to know our ages he just figures out one and counts up or down.

I don't know how it was for my mother having us so close together but for me I always had someone to play with. I am the youngest 26, and am still very close with all my siblings. In fact we live within a ten minute radius of each other.

Emma Newbegin Due December 29; Grimsby, United Kingdom 3 posts
9th Jan '13

i have custody of my sisters 7 month old son and have a 2 week old baby as well as my older children and i honestly dont find it that difficult so long as i keep to a routine within the household ;-)