Maria + Cory = Alexis 17 kids; Middleport, Ohio 1075 posts
Jan 9th '13
Quoting Jace's Momma (35):" This is exactly what we have. Except I have 4 bins. 2 on bottom will be his toys and 2 will be for ... [snip!] ... plastic dresser thing that will also be put in his closet. None of it is up yet though because we're moving in Friday. haha"

:) there are three smaller bins on the bottom for rattles and toys but you can't really see them with the stuff animals in the way. I bought that shelve because I use to live in a trailer and the nursery was so small. I wanted a way to display her toys but have clothes storage if I need it. Now I live elsewhere and have plenty of room in her closet for her stuff.

Fusselinchen 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Frankfurt, HS, Germany 16247 posts
Jan 9th '13

i hang all shirts and the onesies that are meant as a shirt not just an undershirt thing.
then i have one of those things you can hang into the closet for folded stuff. thats where i put pants and regular onesies.
socks, tights, blankets, burp cloths, bibs, sheets etc go into the drawer in the changing table.