Final List Mrs.Call1204 35 kids; Chilhowie, Virginia 222 posts
9th Jan '13

My husband and I have our final list. of baby names. We want one of the names on this list just not sure which one, we do not want suggestions on new names just on the ones on this list. We need first and middle name combo. Would like opinions on on all of the names also, not just the ones you like. I mean that's ok to but would like to know what people think of all of them.

Rain/ Rayne


Mommy to 3!!!! 3 kids; Lincoln, Alabama 10233 posts
9th Jan '13

Out of the girls names I like:
Violet River
Olivia Josephine

Lennon Corbin (Corbin Lennon)
Bryant Jude (Jude Bryant)
Bennett Rhys (Rhys Bennett)

FutureMommyof2 Due June 5; 1 child; Charlotte, North Carolina 1035 posts
9th Jan '13

Wow that's a lot of names! I have a hard time pickin more than 3 when we talk about names haha

Logan&Lilly's Mommy Due June 30; 2 kids; Virginia 2673 posts
9th Jan '13

Girls i like..
Lilia and Zoey
Boys i like..
Rylan, Zander, and Owen

user banned Due September 18; 1 child; California 21617 posts
9th Jan '13

Violet- Super Pretty. Violet Rhiannon, Violet Winter
River/Ryvre- River is okay, I prefer it on a boy. Ryvre is atrocious. River Maren, River Lillian
Danica- It's alright. Danica Eleanor, Danica Brynn
Poet- EW. No.
Ever - No
Maren - It's alright. Maren Josephine, Maren Violet
Gemma - Pretty but i've been seeing it a lot. Gemma Adele
Luna - same as above. Luna Isabelle, Luna Annabel
Rain/ Rayne - This name annoys me. It's not cute.
Rhiannon - It's okay. Rhiannon Maeve, Rhiannon Zoe
Skye - Annoying
Zoe/Zoey - It's pretty but kinda plain. Zoe Maren, Zoe Charlotte
Lilah - I prefer Lilia
Quinn - Too masculine
Ivory - EW
Echo - Ehh. It's alright.
Annik - You mean Annika? Annika is nice. Annika Brynn, Annika Olivia
Wynter - Winter would be a nice MN. Wynter sucks.
Brynn - Pretty. Just don't add Lee or Lynn on to the end of it. Brynn Alexandra, Brynn Echo
Fiona - I like it. It's pretty. Fiona Evelyn, Fiona Claire
Maisie - Eh. Not a fan
Josephine - SO beautiful. It's one of my favorites. Josephine Olivia, Josephine Ivy
Arabella - Pretty. But Bella names are super common right now. Arabella Brynn, Arabella Sophie
Ada- Not a fan what about Adele?
Flora - Not a fan
Leonora - Pretty. Leonora Jane, Leonora Emily
Ryley - Terrible
Azalea - Not a fan
Hazel - Beautiful! Hazel Josephine, Hazel Kate
Marnie - Ew.
Olivia - Beautiful but popular. Olivia Eden, Olivia Winter
Raegan - Masculine. Don't like it

Sterling - Eh. I don't think it sounds appealing.
River - I like this one much better for a boy :) River Jude, River Zane
Kieran - It's okay. Kieran Oliver, Kieran Eli
Odin - LOVEE. Odin Phoenix, Odin Riley
Pheonix - Love Phoenix. Phoenix Isaiah, Phoenix Liam
Lennon - Not a fan
Lennox - Not a fan
Micah - Very handsome. Micah Alexander, Micah Finn
Gunner - Ugly. Not appealing AT ALL
Aspen - It's okay
Corbin - I really like this. Corbin Silas, Corbin Wyatt
Ethan - Cute but kinda common. Corbin Rhys, Corbin Henry
Quinn - Like this for a boy :) Quinn Avery, Quinn Tobias
Foster - Not a fan
Jude - LOVE LOVE LOVE. Jude Carter, Jude Everett
Reed - It's alright.
Leland - Very handsome. Leland Cole, Leland Jude
Rylan - Kinda trendy, don't really like it
Oliver - LOVE. Handsome. Oliver Isaac, Oliver Maxwell
Owen - I like this one. Owen Luke, Owen Rhys
Faelan - EW. Not cute at all.
Rhys - Love love love Rhys. Rhys Christopher, Rhys Landon
Bryant - Not a fan
Zeke - Ew.
Jax - EWW
Zander - Don't like it. I prefer Xavier
Ryker - GROSS
Fletcher - Not cute.
Bennett - This ones nice, very strong sounding. Bennett Cole, Bennett Eli
Westin - Weston is nice. This spelling sucks. Weston Josiah, Weston Riley
Rian - Ryan is nice. Rian is not. Ryan Malachi, Ryan Phoenix
Trace - Seems kinda Hickish to me.

Mrs.Dani Due July 3; 1 child; 3 angel babies; Oxnard, California 10272 posts
9th Jan '13

Violet - Very pretty. Violet Anastasia, Violet Cordelia.
River/Ryvre - River is okay, Ryvre is gross. River aspen, River Katherine.
Danica - Pretty. Danica Madeline, Danica Elizabeth.
Poet - Dislike.
Ever - Dislike.
Maren - It's okay. Maren Elodie, Maren Audrey.
Gemma - It's okay. Gemma Hermione, Gemma Abigail
Luna - Cute. Luna Charlotte, Luna Delilah
Rain/ Rayne - Dislike.
Rhiannon - It's okay. Rhiannon Athena, Rhiannon Eleanor.
Skye - Dislike
Zoe/Zoey It's Okay. Zoe Caroline, Zoe Victoria.
Lilah - Dislike
Quinn - Dislike, it's a boy name
Ivory - Dislike.
Echo - It's okay. Echo Juliette, Echo Josephine.
Annik - Dislike.
Wynter - Winter is okay, not Wynter. Winter Margret, Winter Vivian.
Brynn - Dislike
Fiona - LOVE. Fiona Lucille, Fiona Beatrice.
Maisie - Dislike.
Josephine - I like. Josephine Cecilia, Josephine Clara.
Arabella - I like. Arabella Madeline, Arabella Louise.
Ada - Dislike.
Flora It's okay. Flora Elizabeth, Flora Cadence.
Leonora It's okay, I prefer Leona. Leonora Nicole, Leonora Elise.
Ryley - Dislike, horrible spelling and a boy name.
Azalea It's okay. Azalea Mabel, Azalea Pauline.
Hazel - I like. Hazel Magnolia, Hazel Cheyenne.
Marnie - Dislike.
Olivia It's okay. Olivia Althea, Olivia Celeste.
Raegan - Dislike, boy name.

Sterling - Silver? JK Dislike.
River - I like. River Declan, River Florian.
Kieran - I like. Kieran Matthias, Kieran Samuel.
Odin - I like. Odin Cassius, Odin Dominic.
Pheonix - Not sure.
Lennon - It's okay. Lennon Ezekiel, Lennon Abram.
Lennox - Dislike
Micah - I like. Micah Julius, Micah Atticus.
Gunner - Dislike.
Aspen - It's okay. Aspen Daniel, Aspen Gideon.
Corbin - Dislike.
Ethan - It's okay. Ethan Alaric, Ethan Matthew.
Quinn - I like. Quinn Rowan, Quinn Michael.
Foster - Dislike.
Jude - I like. Jude Thomas, Jude Lief.
Reed - Dislike.
Leland - I like. Leland Thaddeus, Leland Christopher.
Rylan - Dislike.
Oliver - I like. Oliver Greyson, Oliver Nicholas.
Owen - I like. Owen Patrick, Owen Evander.
Faelan - Dislike.
Rhys - It's okay. Rhys Jonathan, Rhys Arthur.
Bryant - Dislike.
Zeke - Dislike.
Jax - Dislike.
Zander - Dislike.
Ryker - Dislike.
Fletcher - Dislike.
Bennett - It's okay. Bennett Keegan, Bennett Alan.
Westin - Dislike.
Rian - I prefer Ryan. Ryan Vincent, Ryan Timothy.
Trace - Dislike.

linsα 2 kids; Bordeaux, AQ, France 28647 posts
9th Jan '13

Arabella Maren - this is so similar to my DDs name but it sounds good.

Violet Josephine, Luna Winter (which is cute/cheesy, winter moon), Danica Rhiannon, Hazel Leonora, Fiona Josephine.

JayneM 18 kids; Jacksonville, North Carolina 145 posts
9th Jan '13

Girl- Fiona, Violet, Luna, Ada, Hazel

Boys- Jude, Reed, Owen

Love all these. They are on my baby list as well and I have a son named Owen :)

Devil Duckie 3 kids; New York 48700 posts
9th Jan '13

Violet lovely but becoming popular
River/Ryvre Leave boys names to the boys. Horrible for a girl!
Danica not horrible
Poet not a name
Ever even less of a name than Poet
Maren lovely
Gemma lovely
Luna lovely
Rain/ Rayne Not fantastic, but if you have to use it, at least be intelligent enough to spell it correctly.
Rhiannon stunning.
Skye There isn't an E in the word Sky. Stop trying so hard. Not a fitting name ofr an older person.
Zoe/Zoey What is with you and ridiculous spellings. ZoE w/an umlaut over the E is the only correct spelling. Use it or lose it.
Lilah too popular
Quinn too masculine
Ivory you are seriously thinking of naming a child after a tooth of an elephant? NO!
Echo there you go trying to hard again. NO!
Annik Nice.
Wynter did you pass the 3rd grade? I'm not convinced you did. WInter is pretty dated, but at least it's not Echo.
Brynn not my favorite, but you know how to spell it.
Fiona Lovely
Maisie Not eve remotely fitting for a person let alone a dog.
Josephine stunning.
Arabella ugly
Ada nice but not my taste
Flora not horrible, I don't love it. I prefer Fleur
Leonora looks like leopard to me.
Ryley Rylie is a boys name. Ryley is pure and utter shit.
Azalea nice
Hazel Love
Marnie I absolutely hate this name.
Olivia Yawn
Raegan *gag*

Sterling AMAZING
River Stunning and strong
Kieran Impeccable
Odin No.
Pheonix nice
Lennon a last name not a first
Lennox see above
Micah Meh.
Gunner boring.
Aspen A girls name. At least your gender confusion goes both ways.
Corbin not my favorite
Ethan Blah
Quinn Not bad
Foster OK
Jude Very nice
Reed Sorta
Leland NO!
Rylan NO!
Oliver nice
Owen Meh.
Faelan looks utterly girly.
Rhys Strong
Bryant meh
Zeke no!
Jax what?! Who's ass did this fall out of?
Zander over used and under cool
Ryker Retarded
Fletcher not bad.
Bennett meh.
Westin horrible
Rian Ryan. why the hell can you not spell?
Trace Trace what? a circle, my hand, my p***s??