Moving too quickly? *Tawni* 2 kids; 1 angel baby; California 1043 posts
10th Jan '13

My SO and I have been together for almost a year (it'll be a year in a few weeks). I am totally ready to move in together and see how things work out. I feel like that's the only way to know for sure whether our relationship is going to work for sure. I just signed a lease so I won't be able to move out for 6 months and I feel like after 1.5 years of dating, a couple should be ready to move in together. My SO doesn't feel that way. He thinks its too soon. And he doesn't want to make his brother find his own apartment with his girlfriend. Am I moving too fast? How long after you and your SO/DH started did you moved in together?

⚓Misty⚓ 4 kids; Keenesburg, Colorado 7275 posts
10th Jan '13

We moved in WAYYYY to soon, lol. I dont think a year and a half is to soon to move in together

Mrs. Curtis 1 child; Lompoc, California 1996 posts
10th Jan '13

SO and i have our one year coming up in April.
he proposed in August.
he moved in with me and DS in September
we are having the wedding August 17th

Mommy of 2 kids (baby bor 2 kids; Victoria, British Columbia 470 posts
10th Jan '13

We moved in together after 8 mths and I was 4.5 mths preggo....almost 6 yrs later we are still together!

Reise's Mommy 2 kids; Kentucky 1722 posts
10th Jan '13

We were only dating 4 months when we got our place together but I had been staying with him pretty much the entire time. Course, by then our very unexpected DS1 was on the way already. I got pregnant the second time we ever had sex, 2 months after we started dating. He proposed after 16 months of dating, we bought our first house after 21 months of dating and were married after 22 months of dating. We've now been married almost a year.

♡ Lebron ♡ 1 child; Perth, WA, Australia 87 posts
10th Jan '13


SMBC**TTC#3 TTC since Jun 2013; 2 kids; California 17897 posts
10th Jan '13
Quoting *Tawni*:" My SO and I have been together for almost a year (it'll be a year in a few weeks). I am totally ready ... [snip!] ... own apartment with his girlfriend. Am I moving too fast? How long after you and your SO/DH started did you moved in together?"

I think that is an excuse for him. I would proceed with caution.

Momma Rawks 1 child; Iowa 7175 posts
10th Jan '13

I don't think there's really a set time limit on these things (obviously moving in on the first date isn't a good idea, but you get what I'm saying). As long as both people in the relationship feel that it's the right move, then I think it's okay. If he's not ready, then don't pressure him. Six months is enough time to change his mind. Just bring it up again towards the end of your lease and see if his feelings have changed any.

My SO and I have been together just over a year now. I don't think we're ready to move in together. Not that I think it'd be terrible, but I'm just really enjoying our arrangement right now. If it isn't broken, don't fix it!

poof be gone Due December 26; 1 child; Maryland 205 posts
10th Jan '13

Don't focus do much on timing it's whenever you two feel ready. There's a reason as to why he doesn't want to move in yet give him some time and then being it up. My boyfriend and I have been together going on 7 years this May and we have yet to move in. I myself don't want to jump into something that I know I'm not financially able to. So like I said give it time

E_T_N_L 4 kids; xxxx, MN, United States 173 posts
10th Jan '13

SO and I have lived together since day one. In June we will have been together for four years, but we have known eachother for 18. It all depends on the people involved.

snglemama 4 kids; Georgia 11978 posts
10th Jan '13

everyone is different. My last SO... we were looking at houses together after 6 months. (brokeup though because of custody issues, neither of us could move to where the other lives)

current SO... we've been dating a year. I wouldnt event hink about moving in with him.

Bangarang 10 kids; Muthafuckin, GA, United States 26615 posts
10th Jan '13

We moved in after a year and a half but it was because of his living situation being compromised. I would have waited way longer otherwise. It strained our relationship but we're both stubborn and made it work.

Mommie Dearest. Due September 17 (boy); 17 kids; Mississippi 1902 posts
10th Jan '13

You're an adult and you know when you are ready! I think 1.5 yrs is plenty of time and you know this is someone you want to take the next step with!

My hubby and I moved in after 6 month and bought a house together after 1yr after that! 6 years later and it's definitely worked out :)

Upper Echelon 2 kids; Kansas City, Missouri 5445 posts
10th Jan '13

Well, we were engaged 6 WEEKS after we met lol, but we still didn't move in together until after we got married, 5 1/2 months later :lol: (no, I wasn't pregnant lol...lots of people assumed that though). We're about to celebrate 9 years of marriage :D

I don't think it's too soon at all.

Fur_Cue 4 kids; Dundee, United Kingdom 1222 posts
10th Jan '13

We began seeing each other, after 1 month he moved in, 2 months we decided to have a baby, 3 months got pregnant, 5 years on we are as happy at the day we met