luvmy2grlz&boy! 19 kids; Neepawa, Manitoba 2371 posts
10th Jan '13

When we started to TTC the baby I'm pregnant with right now I honestly had 52 HPT's in my night stand drawer. I had no morning sickness, so even after I had about 10 BFP's, I continued to take them a couple times a day until I had none left. At that, we were at Walmart one day, I made hubby buy me a test as soon as we walked in the door and I took it in their bathroom. I was probably 14 weeks already. lol

Miss. Tiff Due November 20; 33 kids; Odessa, Missouri 2874 posts
10th Jan '13

Hummmm.... Unless my eyes are wrong you're def pregnant!

user banned United Kingdom 1629 posts
10th Jan '13

Lol I know what you mean.. I took 3 tests (1 digital) because I just couldn't believe it.. even tho my lines were DARK, lol!

MommaOf3Xo 3 kids; Alberta 38 posts
10th Jan '13

Haha awe I did that with my last pregnancy too. Used them all the way until like 20 weeks lol.

Thanks everyone!

Big Red +2 Due September 19 (boy); 1 child; Fayetteville, North Carolina 103 posts
10th Jan '13

congratulation :))
welcome to the September group