Breastfeeding Amanda Bushnell Kinniebre Due March 11 (girl); Ida, Michigan 15 posts
10th Jan '13

I was just wondering..after getting a few diff opinions such as my mother in law who says you don't lose any weight and possibily gain more weight while breastfeeding, and my sister who says you lose weight and get your uterus back to reg size...what has your experience been?

♥MichelleMo♥ 2 kids; Greeneville, Tennessee 2891 posts
10th Jan '13

i haven't lost or gained

Tiffanie Rose 2 kids; Kansas city, MO, United States 3021 posts
10th Jan '13

I lost weight.

M+1 1 child; Ballarat, Australia 1549 posts
10th Jan '13

lol, it doesn't make you gain weight. it tightens everything up though. a health nurse just came here and said breastfeed as long as you can. ideally until your child in 2 yrs.