MommyOFoscar&arianna 2 kids; Greenfield, California 1198 posts
10th Jan '13

I would just eat his dinner and make him get his own damn food. lol

Phf- ee bee;) Due January 26; 18 kids; Pennsylvania 5302 posts
10th Jan '13

I'd throw it out. lol

My bitchy-ness slips out occasionally, like that. I can be cruel. I get that from my mom. She cooks dinner EVERY night, her bf is a dick... he will stay out til 2am sometimes and tell her its none of her business. At around 9pm when he's still not home- she'll throw the whole pot/pan outside for the dog (after shes eaten her plate)

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10th Jan '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting InkDMomma:</b>" I'm tempted to hide the microwave lmao"</blockquote>

This made my night.

~*Melissa Caruso*~ 3 kids; North Little Rock, Arkansas 43 posts
10th Jan '13
Quoting InkDMomma:" I like when my non married friends act like certain things ONLY happen when you are married. Uhh dude... ... [snip!] ... man brain that is like a goldfish brain... he seems to forget that every waking moment of his life Okay I feel better now :D"

Lol ok, I read it all. It was pretty funny. I know how it is! I was reading it out loud though and my hubby was like "Somebody needs to get laid". Bahaha, if he only knew.