Can I use Canola Oil.. --K-- 2 kids; Romania 3189 posts
10th Jan '13

Instead of vegetable oil?

I'm making chili and cornbread for the first time for dinner tonight.
Unfortunately not from scratch, maybe I'll tackle that next time :)

BrookeT Due April 26; Fort McMurray, Alberta 440 posts
10th Jan '13

Yep :) I always use canola or olive oil.

username1 1 child; Chicopee, MA, United States 30921 posts
10th Jan '13

yessss i substituted it earlier and it worked, AND is better for you

Rain (aka Mama) 3 kids; Monroe, Georgia 6487 posts
10th Jan '13
--K-- 2 kids; Romania 3189 posts
10th Jan '13

Okay yay thank you ladies :)