15 Annoying Things Husbands Do Derp TTC since Jan 2014; 1 child; Camp Lejeune, NC, United States 11449 posts
10th Jan '13

(Or SO.)

  1. Where do we keep the toilet paper? -- Same place it's been stored since we moved into this house five years ago!
  2. Do we have any snacks? -- I don't know. Why don't you open the cupboard and look!
  3. Do I have any deodorant? -- Hmm. How will we solve this mystery? I know, try checking your bathroom cabinet.
  4. Do we have any milk? -- Open. The. Fridge. And. Look!!!!
  5. Where's the mail? -- In that mailbox you walked by right before you stepped inside.
  6. Do you need help with the dishes? -- Next time ask before you see me put the last plate away.
  7. Are you watching that? -- Of course not. I am just sitting here staring at the screen for no apparent reason.
  8. Where is my hat? -- Wherever you left it when you took it off.
  9. Do you mind if I watch the games? -- Hmmm. Is that plural, meaning more than one? Ugh.
  10. You gonna wear that? -- Why go there?
  11. Is it that time of the month? -- If you mean the time of the month that you are annoying, then yes.
  12. Can you change his diaper? I did the last one! -- Oh yeah, and I did the last 50 before that.
  13. Do we really have to go? -- Yes.
  14. If you died, you'd want me to remarry, wouldn't you? -- Sure, as long as she's older and fatter than me.
  15. Why are you so annoyed? -- See any of the above!
The Time Police TTC since Apr 2014; 1 angel baby; Cold Lake, AB, Canada 33337 posts
status 10th Jan '13

SO only ever asks number 8... I have no clue where he ever puts his hat. I didn't even know he kept his beret in his pants pocket...

♥. 2 kids; making moves in, TX, United States 1114 posts
10th Jan '13

LMFAO! Why are you so annoyed?

I love #15! :lol::lol::lol:

Amanda Contento Florida 2300 posts
10th Jan '13
Quoting Raptor Jesus:" (Or SO.) Where do we ... [snip!] ... to remarry, wouldn't you? -- Sure, as long as she's older and fatter than me.Why are you so annoyed? -- See any of the above!"

LOL I love them all. I hear most everyday.

♥JJsMommy♥ Due July 8; 1 child; New York 7069 posts
10th Jan '13

My Hubby doesn't ask me half of that stuff... and I'm thankful. lol

user banned 1 child; New Orleans, Louisiana 18159 posts
10th Jan '13

Lol 1-9 dh does regularly. The last few never.

user banned 3 kids; Ontario 10942 posts
10th Jan '13

hahaha I dont have a so, but my kids ask me a lot of those questions all the time. lol

GrumpsMama 1 child; Whiskey Dick Mountain, WA, United States 15824 posts
10th Jan '13

lol, SO doesn't ask me any of those accept for number 8. It's always "Do I have any clean bandanas?"

Pinkman 1 child; Melbourne, VC, Australia 5290 posts
10th Jan '13

Is it that time of the month? -- If you mean the time of the month that you are annoying, then yes.

This is all too familiar.

.t a y l o r. 3 kids; Indiana 3847 posts
10th Jan '13

I get 10, 12, and 15 SOOOO MUCH, lol!

materialista cadela♥ 2 kids; Brazil 26580 posts
10th Jan '13

i do most of those not my SO lmao

NatashaHarper 1 child; Guildford, United Kingdom 687 posts
10th Jan '13

They're good :D
I also love "where is *insert any item here*" and it is right infront of him!

Nicola =) 1 child; Huntsville, Alabama 2783 posts
10th Jan '13

I will ask him what he want from the store to snack on and he almost always says nothing. Then he will go and look and say he can't find anything to snack on. lol

He will put the dirty laundry right beside the basket but NEVER inside of the basket. Also, he puts his shoes in front of the shoe rack but not on it.

♀NoBoysAllowed 19 kids; San Diego, California 51862 posts
10th Jan '13

I don't get any of those. I must have it good!

*Mrs. Mom* Due April 25; 2 kids; Ohio 1912 posts
10th Jan '13

my husband: "what time is it?"
Me: "look at the clock above your head it hasn't moved from that wall!"
My husband: "well can you look?"
Me: *walks away*