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11th Jan '13

DD is still very attached to her stroller. She still prefers to use it at the mall, zoo and museums. She likes to walk but doesn't last very long, maybe once around the block then she is begging to be carried. I thought about a sit and stand but I don't know how she would like that or how easy it is to maneuver with a child standing on the back. I was looking at this one

The only problem I have is the front seat is a little short. I have thought about getting a single stroller with a weight limit to 50 lbs because DD is a little over 40 right now and just wearing the baby until he/she is larger. I can't guarantee by the time the baby is big enough to go into the stroller that DD will be ready to walk all the time. She will be close to 5 then.

Also we are going with a convertible car seat from the beginning this time. Which would be the best one? I prefer to spend less than $300. I am also assuming this baby will be tall like DD so I would need a longer harness.

I know you guys must think I am crazy for doing this so soon but I am trying to get a rough estimate of how much we are going to spend so I can start putting extra money away. I like to have a plan and I really want to get everything I want this time and not what people think I should get because it is the cheapest.

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11th Jan '13

If you're gonna have a tall kid I'd get a Radian. You can always find them for around d $270-280 and they have the tallest shell of the convertibles.

Also, I have that stroller and I freak in love it!

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11th Jan '13

Dd will be 2yrs4mos when this boy arrives, I plan to use her infant carrier carseat for him and then put him in the convertible she's in now. She's tall and will grow out of it soon by the time he needs to be out of the carrier. As far as our stroller goes, she still very much likes her stroller so I'll wear the baby for as long as possible and use the stroller for her. Ours is the peg perego so my 6-year old uses the standing part, dd sits in it and I'll wear the baby. If it turns out that ds2 doesn't like to be carried I'll invest in a double, but not right now.

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11th Jan '13

Since your daughter will be over 4yo when baby arrives, I would not waste your money on a double stroller...or even a sit n stand! Get a fabulous single and a wheeled board. DD1 will be off to pre-k and then you'll be stuck running errands w/a bulky stroller, for no reason. And if she really needs a rest, like a long day at the zoo...wear baby for a bit & let DD1 sit in the stroller.

Our DD2 was 4yo when DD3 arrived...this is what we used for our girls:

We also went the wheeled board route with DS, who was just shy of 3yo when DD2 was born: