DifferentDay Due June 2; 34 kids; Tennessee 3467 posts
12th Jan '13

My girls are in their room playing house it sounds like and arguing over who's the baby. I'm surfing bg, fb, and trying to get motivated to get out from my warm bed to clean up before mil gets here.

Ali4 Due April 13 (girl); 3 kids; Lawrenceville, Georgia 5 posts
12th Jan '13

My 4yr old is layin watchin tv n my 1yr old is walkin around in my slippers lol

JoAnna &hearts's Jett 1 child; Midlothian, TX, United States 5686 posts
status 12th Jan '13

My 4 year old is sitting in his room playing who knows what with his dad. All I hear is toys being flung at the wall. Lol

1 child; Chicopee, MA, United States 30921 posts
12th Jan '13
Quoting Viv, Ev & Gwen ♥:" eating waffles and farting -_-"