NicoThunders 2 kids; Michigan 12847 posts
12th Jan '13
Quoting KNZ.:" I was literally just reading a recipe for it on their site to make monkey bread. :D But they did it in individual muffin cups vs the classic 'pull apart'. which way do you do it? :D"

Pull apart for sure.
Also really nummy with caramel sauce.

IDGAF ❤ 1 child; San Diego, CA, United States 30523 posts
12th Jan '13

Creamed chicken & biscuits. Mmm soo good.

whitney ♥ ainsley 1 child; New Hampshire 16454 posts
12th Jan '13

Pigs in a blanket, or stuff them with cheeseburger stuff, or taco stuff.

Destinite TTC since May 2011; 1 child; 2 angel babies; Florida 30828 posts
12th Jan '13

Sloppy joe muffins